Stefan Scherperel

I have been working full time as a Cinematographer and VFX supervisor for 12 Years. My passion has been in film making since I was a child when I discovered the impact that visual styles and emotions in film could bring. As a Cinematographer I strive to push the boundaries of what is possible as well as work with Directors and Producers to complete a cohesive overall visual theme for the project. I believe that the world of film making is in constant evolution, and therefore I dedicate much of my time to learning new techniques, and discovering new technologies that allow new possibilities in creative story telling. My goal as a visual story teller is to create the same emotions and butterflies that I experienced growing up discovering the films that I loved for the first time.


Of course my work would be nothing without the following individuals and companies with which I have the pleasure of working! I recommend the following companies and people highly for your next creative projects.

Fueled Creative LLC-Producer: Bret Nielsen

Producer: Mel Eslyn

Director: Bryan Campbel

Director/Gaffer: Jeremy Mackie

Director: Charlie McDowell

Director: Ben Rapson

Director: Julio Ramirez

Director: Megan Griffiths

Art Director/Set Design: Kristine Bonnalie-Hooberman

Hair and Makeup artist: Lindsey Watkins

Hair and Makeup artist: Brittany McGowne

Hair and Makeup artist: Amelia S. Dray

Steadicam Op - and Amazing 1st AC - Chris Durkopf

Gaffer: Ryan Middleton

Gaffer: Chris Taylor

The Film School: Dianne Dotter

Writer: Justin Ladder

Writer: Ian Eskander